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1) Production of Kudret pomegranate is not our additional business but our only business.

2) Quality and care are our main priority.

3) Our product is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Our Legal Business Name: 

Our Story:

We are sure that there is a moment when everyone meets Kudret pomegranate. This time is 2016 for us. We grew up as a huge family with the great interest you have shown since the time we shared our first Instagram page.

Today, we are serving as a huge family with your interest and support. Now, dozens of products are shipped every day and dozens of mighty pomegranates are jarred. Turkey and dozens of orders coming from all over the world to our family and attending a new person every day.

We take care to prepare and train your orders that you are looking forward to. As the comments and support of each of our customers are very important to us, we gladly publish your feedback. We make new experiments every day to produce different flavors in the future and we evaluate your comments.

* Please contact us for any questions and suggestions you have in mind. You can easily reach us from Instagram or our website.

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